A traditional CRO,
in an ever-evolving world

Welcome to EndoCRO
Israel’s leading Contract and Clinical Research Organization
dedicated to the study of medical cannabis

Cannabis is revolutionizing the face of traditional modern medicine as we know it.

Evidence-based research is the key to advancing our knowledge of the vast medical properties of this complex plant. EndoCRO provides access the world’s most established and highly-developed cannabis R&D ecosystem.

From product development through to product validation and postmarket studies, EndoCRO helps our clients create, manufacture and validate their products

We are a full service CRO, committed to advancing the study and application of cannabis by bringing it out of the realm of speculation and into evidence-based medicine.

Why Israel?

Reputation & Experience

Israel was among the world’s earliest adopters of a legal medical cannabis program and, as such, is recognized as the global leader in the study of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Either as a stand-alone or as part of a multi-center approach, we can implement clinical trials compliant with international standards including ICH GCP, The Clinical Trial Directive 2001/20/EU and the code of Federal Regulations (FDA 21 CFR).

Investigational Products

EndoCRO is proud of its close ties to some of Israel’s most experienced growers, formulators and manufacturers, and can supply the investigational products in adherence to the study protocol, GMP and local regulations.

Culture of Integrity

We are leaders in both research and the clinical study of cannabis medicine. We are unparalleled in our global understanding and application of every part of the medical cannabis chain.

World Class Specialists

Working with leading Principal Investigators and their teams, EndoCRO has a professional network of physicians in four of the largest hospitals in Israel. These centers have all participated in multi-site, multinational, GCP studies. Additionally, we offer multi-center studies in Israel, Canada, Australia and the United States.


EndoCRO provides a complete range of contract development and contract clinical services including:

Asset 23

Market survey and analysis

Asset 24

Review of unmet clinical and market needs

Asset 25

Targeted list of partners (upstream and downstream)

Asset 26

Access to formulation and delivery systems partners

Asset 27

Pre-clinical and clinical study design and protocol development

Asset 28

Construction and management of project budgets

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