Accelarating Cannabis Innovation


CMTREX (Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange),  an IT-driven trading platform 
which lies at the core of the emergence of a transparent and efficient trading ecosystem for the global legal cannabis market.
Yom Chai’s objective is to conduct scientific clinical trials in Israel utilizing various cannabinoid profiles with the goal of realizing multiple successful discoveries. Yom Chai’s goal is to give individuals a more natural way to treat their ailment successfully and naturally with whole plant non-synthetic options. Yom Chai is “Day of Life”
CannRx’s mission is to develop high-quality pharmaceutical and analytical products utilizing the cannabis plant by leveraging the patented technology and established botanical expertise of Izun Pharma Limited.
Cannabinit, utlizing revolutionary technology elicitors to produce high quality plant cells in vitro. This process eliminates without the need to grow a whole plant, or the need for a growing facility, at all.

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