iCAN: Marcom/Digital Assets Manager

Job Description:

iCAN is looking for an experienced, proactive marcom professional with strong hands-on experience to produce all digital and physical marketing assets for the company. Reporting to the Head of Marketing, the Marcom Manager will implement all the digital and physical marketing needs of the company including but not limited to web, newsletters, flyers, one pagers, social media, branding, event materials. iCAN is a globally recognized Israeli company focused on the medical cannabis industry. Our vision is to create a portfolio of brands that will transform the global cannabis economy and ecosystem. iCAN’s current portfolio includes:
  1.       CannaTech: Cannabis conferences
  2.       iCAN Services: Services/Consulting for business and life-science
  3.       iCAN Incubator: portfolio of startups in the Cannabis space

Job Requirements:

  • Manage and produce all written content for iCAN and CannaTech including social posts, newsletter, web content, blog, email communication/customer/community service and outreach.
  • Produce and manage the company’s websites, blogs, podcasts, newsletters
  • Manage/develop/create content (copy and graphics) for iCAN projects as needed (digital and web)
  • Write all ad copy
  • Manage and produce social media channels for iCAN and CannaTech (proficiency with posting trends on: twitter, insta, fb, google plus, linked in. Proficiency in hootsuite, buffer, and/or other automated media services)
  • Responsible for recruitment and management of social team (when there is a team :)
  • Manage all graphic content print and digital (need ability to create/produce graphics when no graphic team is available – need basic proficiency in canva and/or photoshop. Work closely with design team. Responsible for recruitment and management of design team
  • Produce/manage all sponsor related content leading up to, during and after events (digital and print)
  • Work closely with PR team and coordinate with 3rd party press and media companies for live event and post event coverage
  • Brand development for iCAN companies and clients

Skills Required:

  • outstanding communication skills on paper, on phone and in person
  • Website (wordpress and other), and social media savvy

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